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The West Valley Detention Center has been in operation since June 1991. As the main jail facility for San Bernardino, it is the area’s largest jail, and also one of the biggest in the whole state. The center houses a majority of inmates who are awaiting sentences, and some who are serving county sentences. The facility is busy throughout the year as inmates are constantly being processed through the jail.

Since its construction, the West Valley Detention Center has had to undergo updates and changes. For example, in 2013, the center was the site of a project focused on bringing the facility up to the American Disabilities Act standards. In 2015, generators that serve the jail in the case of utility failures we upgraded. This ensures that power is restored to the jail within 10 seconds of a power outage. Now, the jail uses a medium voltage system. In addition, the West Valley Detention Center has invested in other upgrades that include security cameras and electronic units where inmates can file feedback about the jail’s conditions.

Jail Services

Over the years, the West Valley Detention Center has developed many services, making the facility the perfect place for inmates to begin preparing for life after their release. Over 600 individuals are employed at the center. The staff serve in a variety of roles including medics, kitchen staff, maintenance workers, security and other support staff. Below you can read about the many services offered by the detention center:


A mix of medical and mental health services are offered through the center. Upon admission to the facility, all inmates are screened for physical and mental health. This ensures that all inmates are attended. A variety of treatments including dental care, psychiatric care, dialysis, radiology, medication administration and other services are offered at the jail. The West Valley Detention Center takes extra special care in attending the inmates who have the greatest medical needs by including two special medical housing areas where medical and mental health professionals are on call 24 hours a day. Recently, the jail has also computerized medical records to make treatment easier and provide a more complete picture of each inmate to the nurses and doctors who provide medical care.


Inmates have the opportunity to participate in the center’s culinary instructional program. After completing the program, inmates attain a certification in food safety management. This helps inmates obtain jobs after their release, as they achieve greater qualifications.

Each day, the Food Services Division prepares and serves 3 meals. Diet plans are devised in conjunction with a medical team and dietician to ensure that all inmates nutrition needs are met, including special religious diets. This is also an important element of the health services provided by the jail. Good nutrition results in good health.


The outdoor facilities allow for outdoor recreation and sports which are scheduled each week for inmates as long as the weather permits. In addition, TVs, newspapers and board games are available to inmates during scheduled periods. These recreational opportunities contribute to a healthy lifestyle including exercise and relaxation for inmates.


Inmates can request access to the library at any time, allowing inmates to continue their journey as lifelong learners.


The West Valley Detention Center hosts religious worship services for inmates to attend. Inmates can also request to see a chaplain. This also contributes to the mental health of many inmates who are comforted through religion.


When inmates are required to appear in court, the Transportation Division safely transfers individuals to the appropriate court. Every year, over 122,000 inmates are moved around San Bernardino County to the various courts, resulting in 1,000,000 miles travelled.

Court Arraignments

Some courts such as the San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Victorville, Chino, and Barstow courts operate using remote video technology for first appearances. The West Valley Detention Center arranges and carries out these appearances for inmates.

Jail Location

The jail is located in Rancho Cucamonga in southwestern San Bernardino County, close to Los Angeles and Orange counties. The address of the West Valley Detention Center is 9500 Etiwanda Ave Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739 and is accessible via freeways 10 and 15.

As is clear from the above services mentioned, the West Valley Detention Center is well equipped to serve the inmates who arrive from all over the county. With a large staff that has been recently upgraded and expanded to meet the growing needs of the jail, all of the inmates are adequately attended to. Health and nutrition are high priorities in the jail planning and services. For this reason a variety of staff and programs to promote mental health are offered at the facility.

As the years go by, the West Valley Detention Center will continue to meet the requirements of laws and regulations and complete upgrades and improvements as necessary. It’s clear from the jail’s history since it’s opening in 1991 that the sheriff’s office is committed to meeting the needs of inmates at the jail. At every step of the way, the sheriff has taken action to meet the needs of prisoner’s when necessary.

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