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The first step to helping your loved one who has been admitted as an inmate to one of San Bernardino’s jails or prisons is locating them. Through this page, you can perform an inmate search and find out where your loved one is and their status. Finding this information is the first step in beginning the process to helping your loved one get out of custody.

At Herbert Bail Bonds, we understand that you may be apprehensive and worried about the upcoming processes and steps in your loved one’s life. However, with our help and through this helpful website dedicated to helping inmates and family members understand the West Valley Detention Center. Our number one goal is to help you and your family member get back where they belong, out of custody and happily at home.

Through this inmate search tool, you’ll be able to locate inmates, check their status and also the bail information. In order to search, all you have to know is the name of the inmate or their booking number, given when the inmate is admitted.

You can also get inmate information by calling (909) 295-2245 for inmates at the West Valley Detention Center, as well as all other San Bernardino County jails and facilities.

If you need help or are unable to locate your loved one through the inmate search, try again in a few hours. Due to the volume of arrestees and inmates processed each day in San Bernardino county, it does take time for the authorities to update the system.

Were You or a Loved One Taken into Custody? Turn to Herbert Bail Bonds.

Most people don’t plan to get arrested. However, sometimes the twists and turns in life can put you in a tough spot, leading to your arrest. Whether you were picked up on minor infractions and misdemeanors that accumulated over time or because of one moment of poor judgement, we understand. Herbert Bail Bonds is here to help you get out of custody, as we’ve done for our thousands of clients we’ve served for over 45 years.

Due to our many years of experience, we have become familiar with the ins outs of the legal system within San Bernardino County. Performing an inmate search is one of the basic steps that we can also help you with if you aren’t able to find your loved one. Sometimes it takes some time for bail to be posted. However, as soon as it’s posted, we can start working on your loved one’s release.

Because we’re familiar with the system, we work hard to get you or your loved one out of custody quickly and effectively. In addition, we make ourselves available around the clock so that the minute you can be released, we are able to do so.

What is a Bail Bond?

After you’ve been arrested, you’ll be processed and sometimes a judge will offer you bail. What does that mean? Basically, it means you can pay money so that you don’t have to wait in jail until your court date.

Arrestees are typically taken to the West Valley Detention Center to await their court date. However, since they haven’t been charged as guilty or innocent, there’s usually no legal reason the person facing charges needs to wait in jail rather than at home. However, at the same time, the judicial system needs to ensure that the person will show up in court for their trial. So, how does it all work?

Bail is posted based on the charges or reason the person was arrested. The greater the crime, the greater the bail. Once the bail is listed, you can pay it and be released from jail. If you show up to your court dates, no matter how the trial turns out, you’ll receive the bail money after the trial. However, many times, bail amounts are much greater than what the average person can afford. That’s where bail bonds come in.

Through bail bonds, you pay a small amount to the bail bond agent, such as your trusted local agency, Herbert Bail Bonds, and they’ll pay out the rest of your bail to the courts. Usually the amount you’re required to pay is 10% of the total bail amount. If you end up missing your court date, we’ll need to charge the rest of the bail money since it won’t be returned to us either. That’s why most bail bond agencies require a cosigner or collateral to ensure your ability to pay off the total bail amount should you miss your court date. However, if you do make all of your court dates, there’s no problem. The amount you’ve paid us will serve as the small fee and interest for providing you the full bail.

The San Bernardino Department of Corrections Can Be Tricky

It can be difficult to navigate your way through one of the largest jails in the state of California, the West Valley Detention Center. The good news is that there are processes and procedures in place to help inmates and their loved ones keep track of their progress through the judicial system. The inmate search is one of the services offered by the county to help you find out where your loved one has been taken and what the bail amount is.

Herbert Bail Bonds is experienced with moving in and around the San Bernardino County judicial system and department of corrections. Allow us to provide you with the advice and guidance you need as you try to help your loved one. Unfortunately, even with all of your good intentions, there’s nothing that will replace experience when it comes to making the right choices, handing in the right paperwork and doing it all at the right times. That’s why you should call on the experts at Herbert Bail Bonds to help you move through the systems smoothly and quickly. That way, you or your loved one will be released from custody as soon as possible.


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