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Herbert Bail Bonds is a family run business local to Pomona, CA, but we serve the surrounding counties of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, San Diego and Kern. Since 1970, we’ve been helping individuals who have found themselves in custody sort out their bail needs. This way, individuals can spend the time leading up to and during the trial in the comfort of their homes rather than in jail.

As a bail bonds company local to the area, we take our reputation very seriously. We strive to provide the most efficient, professional services so that you or your loved one can get out of custody as soon as possible. At Herbert Bail Bonds, we are understanding and empathetic of you and your situation. It’s not easy to be accused of a crime or have a loved one accused of a crime and placed behind bars. During this stressful time, get the support you need through Herbert Bail Bonds.

We’ve developed our expertise in bail bonds through hard work and many years of experience. The West Valley Detention Center is a jail we often frequent due to the high volume of inmates that move through the center, so rest assured that we can help you deal with posting bail at this facility. Learn a bit more about our lead bondsmen below:

Fred Herbert

Fred Herbert found his calling as a licensed bail agent in 1970. Prior to making this career move, Fred had served for four years in the field of law enforcement. These years of experience in law enforcement helped Fred gain invaluable insight and understanding of the legal system in southern California. Now, many years later, Fred has also gained a wealth of experience in the area of bail bonds. Through his many years of experience, Fred has worked with nearly all of the courthouses and jails that make up the Southern California judicial system including the West Valley Detention Center. In addition, Fred has handled almost every situation possible involving bail, meaning there’s almost nothing he can’t handle or find a solution for. When you need experience, call on Fred Herbert.

Mike Herbert

As Fred Herbert’s son, Mike quickly followed in the family business and became a licensed bail agent in 1995. However, his experience began many years before as he spent time learning with his father. Mike is an experienced professional in bail bonds, and like his father, has dealt with nearly all of Southern California’s jails and courthouses including the West Valley Detention Center.

What We Believe

Trust that at Herbert Bail Bonds, you’ll be treated with respect throughout the process. Whether you’re guilty or not is irrelevant to us. At your stage of the journey through the judicial system, all pre-trial inmates have not yet been proven guilty. As such, you deserve to be home where you’ll be supported by your family.

At Herbert Bail Bonds we make it our mission to:

  • Get you out of jail fast
  • Treat you with respect
  • Help you through the legal system

We serve the entire area of southern California and can provide you with guidance and assistance through the bail posting process as well as understanding the legal process. Although we aren’t legal advisors, we can help point you towards trusted criminal lawyers who can help you prepare fully for your upcoming trial.

Working with Herbert Bail Bonds

If you decide to work with Herbert Bail Bonds, here’s how the process typically goes with our clients:

First, you can give our offices a call at 800-775-6798 or visit us at Herbert Bail Bonds Pomona 435 W Mission Blvd., Suite 105 Pomona, CA 91766. Upon initial contact, we’ll listen to your story and needs. We’ll help you perform an inmate search if you haven’t done so already and make sure we know where your loved one is located. If your loved one hasn’t yet been transferred to the West Valley Detention Center, all the better! We can often process bail more quickly at local jails and holding facilities. However, if your loved one is indeed at the West Valley Detention Center, never fear. We can also work through this scenario and will strive to process the bail as quickly as possible.

Through the inmate search, we can learn a lot about your situation such as the status of the individual and even the bail amount. If bail hasn’t yet been posted, we can help find out when authorities will be posting bail. Sometimes it takes up to a few days for bail to be posted. However, if it has already been posted, we can discuss the fee that would be required for us to post the bail for you.

Bail bonds are typically 10% of the total bail amount, but in special circumstances including veterans and military personnel, 8% is allowed. At Herbert Bail Bonds, we always strive to charge you as little as possible. We understand that you are facing other fees in addition to meeting bail, so we try to work with you as much as possible.

Finally, we sort through any needs of cosigners and collateral. Then, we post bail and secure the release of your loved one.

Over the next few weeks and months, all you need to do is ensure that your loved one attends all court dates. Failure to meet court dates may result in your loved one being arrested again, and also means that you will be charged the full bail amount. However, this is an unlikely scenario as it’s always best to simply show up in court.

Call Herbert Bail Bonds Today!

Feel free to give our offices a call today to discuss your situation. Our friendly staff will be happy to answer all of your questions and discuss a time to meet. We can meet you at our offices, at the West Valley Detention Center or at your home. We want to make it easy for you to get your loved one out of custody. We look forward to serving you.


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