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Do you have a loved one who is an inmate at the West Valley Detention Center? During this difficult time, you probably have many questions and concerns about the legal process, how to locate your loved one, how the prison works, how bail works, and more. Relax, you’re in the right place. This website will provide you with all of the information you need and put you in contact with a team of experts who can help you sort everything out. With the right contacts, information and assistance, you’ll feel much more confident in taking the steps to get in contact and assure the release of your loved one.

The West Valley Detention Center, also known as San Bernardino County Jail is one of the biggest jails in the whole state of California. It opened in 1991 and has been serving San Bernardino County and the surrounding areas ever since. A busy jail, the West Valley Detention Center hosts up between 50,000 and 60,000 inmates each year, yet only holds 3,347 inmates at a time. The majority of inmates are pre-trial, meaning they are awaiting a court date and assignment.

Navigating Your Way Through the West Valley Detention Center System

If you or a loved one are located at this facility and need help navigating the processes, including bail, contact Herbert Bail Bonds for 24 hour a day assistance. You can always reach us at 800-775-6798. Our experts will provide you with the personalized information and advice you need regarding helping your loved one.

At Herbert Bail Bonds, we understand that the judicial system can be intimidating and overwhelming. Approaching and working with one of the biggest jails in the state is not an easy task to take on by yourself. That’s why we make ourselves available to help you out and provide you with all of the necessary information you need about this detention center.

Although we are experienced at working with the West Valley Detention Center, we are not sponsored by the San Bernardino County Sheriff. Herbert Bail Bonds offers bail bond services and can also direct you towards other legal services that may be helpful to you. Over the years, we have gotten to know the West Valley Detention Center inside and out. We specialize in helping you post bail to get your loved one out of jail and back at home where they belong as soon as possible.

Posting Bail

Through this website, you can learn how to post bail at the San Bernardino Jail. It can be difficult to manage your way around one of the biggest prisons in the state. However, with our help, you’ll find it easy to do.

Bail can be posted through a licensed bail agent such as Herbert Bail Bonds. We also provide loans called bonds that can relieve you of some of the financial stress that you’re enduring during this difficult time.

In California, law dictates that bail can cost a maximum of 10% of the total bail cost. Veterans and military personnel can pay a lower rate of 8%. Others may also apply for the 8% rate. At Herbert Bail Bonds, we try our best to work with each and every client. Our goal is to get you or your loved one out of jail as soon as possible so that you can get on with your lives.

Getting Around the Jail

The West Valley Detention Center is located at 9500 Etiwanda Ave, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739, USA. You can access the jail by either freeway 15 or 10 also known as the San Bernardino Freeway. Entrances are located on both 4th street and Etiwanda Avenue. If you’re picking up an inmate who will be released, follow the signs that lead you to the visitor lobby.

If you need help posting bail, we’ll be happy to take care of it for you. Simply call our agents and we’ll take care of all the arrangements while you simply worry about picking up your family member or friend.

Getting the Help You Need

During this difficult time, you want to help your loved one as much as possible. The worst part is being kept apart from your loved one. The West Valley Detention Center does allow visits and for inmates to make calls. Our helpful agents can assist you in these processes so that you follow all of the procedures, ensuring that you can communicate with your loved one.

San Bernardino County is home to over 2 million people. Depending on where you’re located, your loved one may first be held at a local jail facility before being transferred to the West Valley Detention Center. This process can be confusing, but it’s the way things work within the county. You can feel free to contact a bail bond agent before or after your loved one has been transferred, we can help either way.

Herbert Bail Bonds has years of experience in dealing with the judicial system including the West Valley Detention Center, locating inmates, posting bail and more. Allow us to guide you through the process. We make things convenient for you by assisting you at the West Valley Detention Center, your home or at our conveniently located offices. Trust Herbert Bail Bonds to help you with your bail so that your loved one can return to their normal life and responsibilities.

No matter how short a detention or stay as an inmate at the West Valley Detention Center, it is too long. We know that in your family–your loved ones, are essential because of the responsibilities they fill and the important bond you have with them. With a professional bail bond office like Herbert Bail Bonds, you can get them home sooner, and get things back to normal quickly.

Don’t wait another minute! Call Herbert Bail Bonds at 880 775 6798 for advice, guidance and all of the information you need to post bail at the West Valley Detention Center and regain you or a loved one’s freedom.


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